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Commercial Kitchen, Residential & Strata Pest Control Service

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CNS specialises in all types of pest control including commercial kitchen, residential home, townhouse, unit, strata and industrial estate. We service Sydney and Greater Sydney areas.

Experiences & Qualifications

With many years of experience in the commercial kitchen pest control service, we have high demand of existing clients requesting their residential home to be done as well. So, we have branched out into residential sector of pest control service. Our qualified and certified pest technicians will assist you with all types of pest issue when onsite.

Pest Problem?

We treat all common pest problem including german cockroaches, american cockroaches, fruit fly, bed bugs, spiders, wasp, rodent, mice, carpet beetles, ants, mites, silverfish, flea, pigeons and possum (catch & release). Our team are specialise in termite treatment and an inspection is required on site. Note: An inspection call out fee is applicable.

Common Pest - Go to Photo Gallery for more...

German Cockroach - Common around Domestic/Commercial Kitchens. Nuisance! Note: Breeds Very Fast in Warm Condition(s).

Red Back Spider - Commonly found in all suburbs, especially around bushland. Accommodate in your garage or storage areas. Venomous!

Bed Bug - Comes in a package (In suitcases). Common areas found - Hotel Beds. Consume human blood. Diseases Prone! Note: Breeds Fast!

Rodent - Common Pest, All Suburbs/Everywhere. Where Civilisation exist! Detect by droppings through-out site and unpleasant odour. Suspected to carry various Diseases!