Management Program

We believe by working together, we can assist you better in eliminating the pest problem or issue in your premises and control it. All gaps, crevices and cracks through-out building site are to be sealed on completion of each pest control treatment. Note: This is additional work required and will be quoted onsite, if requested.

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All jobs carried out are subject to weather condition(s) on the day, units and indoor properties are exception. All human consumption, including dry food in the areas of pest control treatment must be covered or put in the fridge before treatment commences.

Note: Client's responsibility - Advise pest technician, re. toddler or children, all types of pets including dog(s), cat(s), bird(s) and fishes onsite/premises before commencement of treatment.

On completion of pest control treatment do not wash treatment areas for at least 3 to 4 days for effectiveness.

Please Note: German cockroaches infested premises! After treatment the eggs will still prone to hatch. This is inevitable! Please allow the gel applied by our technician to take effect. A follow up treatment is recommended within 3 to 6 weeks, depending on condition(s), to control it.

Our mission statement, "We will find a solution for your pest problem!"